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Save The Frogs! at Noapara Rashbehari Institution for Girls Higher Secondary School, Barasat

On 13th September, 2019, a school awareness programme was conducted at Noapara Rashbehari Institution for Girls Higher Secondary School, located in Barasat. The event was organised and conducted by WISH Foundation in collaboration with the India chapter of SAVE THE FROGS! ,an American NGO which has been working towards amphibian conservation since 2008. The programme focused on educating the students about frogs, their importance and significance and the numerous species that inhabit our world.

Ms. Sarbani of WISH Foundation, who conducted the programme, began by introducing herself and interacting with the attending students to gauge their knowledge and understanding of frogs. This was followed by acquainting these girls of classes 9 and 10 with different species of frogs and toads and the very unique characteristics that some of them possess, like the wood frog or Lithobates sylvaticus, which ‘freezes’ to survive the harsh winters of its habitat which include Alaska and Canada, which drew expressions of wonder and disbelief from them.

The focus was then shifted to salamanders and snakes. The children were very excited to learn and also knew most about snakes out of all three as they are common sight in the neighbouring areas. On being told about the different kinds of snakes, including venomous and non-venomous ones, they described one that they often spotted in school to try and identify it. They were keen on understanding the ecological value and importance of each of the animals.

To wrap up the programme, the attendees were asked to express their notions and perceptions through any desired medium. The event ended with the students displaying their beautiful pictures and posters and reciting the poems, captions and slogans they had written for the cause of amphibian conservation.

We are thankful to the school management authority for giving us permission to work with the students.




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