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World Environment Day, 2019

No sermons. No preaching. Instead, children, 44 of them, became our loudspeakers on June 5 as we celebrated World Environment Day at this little village named Jujersaha near Dhulagarh, Howrah.

The day began with a brief interaction with these kids where they shared with us what they believe are the reasons behind a rapidly degenerating environment.

Next, we saw these children wow us with extremely creative representation of their thoughts on air pollution — this year's topic is #BeatAirPollution — as they painted their thoughts on art papers at a Sit-n-Draw competition.

Clearly, every child was a winner as each painting told us a poignant tale of climate change and our role in saving our planet. For formal reasons, we had to declare the winners. And they happily clapped and took the mementos and certificates home.

The day ended with a plantation programme as the kids helped us plant a number of native fruit and flower bearing trees in the village. With a promise to nurture their Earth and a hope to see a better future, we left for our homes with a smile.

Thank you to each of the parents, the teachers, the village community leaders who helped us organise this event. A big Thanks to each of the little angels for reinforcing our faith in our future. Also a lot of thanks to all those who chose to buy Wild Aesthetics jewellery and indirectly helped fund this event.

#WorldEnvironmentDay #IWearICare





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