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Save The Frogs Day Celebration_BIg Day

11th Annual Save The Frogs! Day has been celebrated first ever in Kolkata by WISH Foundation supported by Save The Frogs!

What happens when academics and environmental activists sit in the audience while little ones from different schools take the stage for a whole day to speak about frog and amphibian conservation?
Well, it turns out to be a super successful mind-opening session with brilliant ideas coming forth and a lot of hope and positive food for thought to bring back home.

That's in a nutshell what rolled out at Birla Planetarium on April 27, where more than 50 students from around five schools took part in the first-ever celebration of international Save the Frogs Day 2019 in Kolkata, organised by Save the Frogs! in association with WISH Foundation on Saturday. Today it was the 11th annual celebration.

The main attraction consisted of poster presentations by the students alongside a ideation brainstorm session, again by students, on ways to address the issue of amphibian conservation and related awareness.

A packed Birla Planetarium seminar hall — that had school students, teachers, parents, filmmakers, university scholars, environmental activists, NGO representatives, naturalists, wildlife photographers, doctors and more — was witness to mind-boggling, creative and thoughtful presentations by students who had come with meticulously made charts and tables to prove their arguments for saving frogs and amphibians, why we need to save them and what could be the imminent disasters if we can't save our frog friends. The result? We were convinced.

Sujan Chatterjee, a naturalist associated with several conservation programmes and an avid bird-specialist with 35 years of experience across the world, and Dr. Malay Mandal, a naturalist and photographer who is also an orthopedic surgeon by profession were the distinguished judges of the day, who were assisted by Jyotirmay Deb, a filmmaker and educator, to pick the school with the best presentation. The winner was Jadavpur Vidyapith.

If the poster presentations pointed out the necessity of amphibian conservation, then the next session — Amph-Idea, an ideation symposium — spelt out in detail the action-plans for how to do so. The audience including the scholars and the naturalists were spotted taking down notes as the young guns shared their fresh ideas on how to save the frogs. The winner's trophy for Amph-Idea went to Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Sister Nibedita Girls' School.

A snack-break later, the students were treated to an interesting and educative presentation on Amazing Amphibians of the World by WISH Foundation co-founder and president Sarbani Nag, a naturalist who has done extensive research on the endangered salamander population in Darjeeling.

This was followed by the screening of 'Thumbelina' — The Story of Shillong Bush Frog, an endemic frog from Shillong, a film by Calcutta's very own wildlife filmmaker and Green Oscar winner Ashwika Kapur. The expressions on the students' faces and their discussions post-screening made it obvious that the film's message had hit home.

The last but not the least activity of the day turned out to be the most popular one too! A quiz conducted by Sarbani Nag of WISH Foundation on Frogs and Amphibians saw an active and enthusiastic response from all the students and those with the right answers were immediately rewarded with a pen.

The day ended with a group photo-op, handing over of participation certificates and mementos for each participating schools and a genuine outpouring of love from the audience as everyone came forward to write their messages and wishes on a giant blank poster.

Thank you all the participating schools and the guardians of the students for encouraging the little ones to take out time for a very important cause and attend the Save The Frogs Day celebrations with us.

The organization without whose initiative and support such a programme wouldn't have been possible is SAVE THE FROGS! Thank you Dr Kerry Kriger for everything!

We hope the future generations will be the torchbearers of responsible living and the agents of change in a world that badly needs the awareness for saving our environment to save humans!





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