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Save The Frogs Day Celebration

It is our pleasure to inform you that WISH Foundation (www.greenwishforyou.org) is going to celebrate a special day meant for amphibian conservation. Each year, the last Saturday of April is dedicated to amphibian conservation and is celebrated as ‘Save The Frogs Day’ across the world. This year Kolkata will be a part of the worldwide celebration to spread the message of amphibian conservation through WISH Foundation’s initiative. The day will be celebrated at the seminar Hall, in Birla Planetarium on April 27, 2019 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. We are going to celebrate the day through several activities and schools students (VIII – X) are encouraged to participate.

Poster Presentation Competition: ‘What will happen once the last frog dies…’

  • Students will make the poster as a team under the guidance of a respected teacher in their own institution before April 27.
  • Each team containing 10 students from each school will display the poster and will present their thoughts on the topic on April 27.
  • Words from the fact-sheet provided can be used as keywords to browse for necessary information for making the poster.
  • Source of the information will have to be mentioned at the bottom of he poster.
  • The posters will be simple, creative, informative and thought-provoking representation of the participants’ ideas on a Chart-paper with information, drawings, graphs etc.
  • Printing of posters is not required.
  • Each team will be given 8-10 minutes for presentation.
  • Students can present either in Bengali or English and posters can be made either using Bengali or English Language.
  • Judges’ decision will be final in selecting the best team though we believe that everyone is a star performer.

‘Amph-Idea’: Brainstorming and unique Idea-pitching session

  • Followed by an expert’s talk there will be a session for the kids to brainstorm ideas on a topic given based on the day’s discussion.
  • They will be provided papers for finalising their ideas.
  • They are requested to bring their own set of sketch-pens or coloured pens of their choice.
  • Participants will be provided 4-5 minutes to pitch their ideas.
  • Judge’s decision will be final in selecting the best idea though we believe that every idea will be great if we can implement it properly.


  • Students are requested to bring their own notebooks for taking down important notes during the whole session.
  • Questions will be based on the information they have collected during preparatory phase and on the discussion of the day.

This programme is funded by 'Save The Frogs!'




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