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Save The Frogs! World Summit for Kids

They say good habits are best inculcated if practiced as a kid. And what joy it was for WISH Foundation to see a house full of children and young adults happily coming together for the special session tailor made for them at Save The Frogs! World Summit 2019 held at Birla Planetarium on February 9 morning.

Some came with hand-made creative head gears on the theme of the day. Some trooped in with beautiful artwork that reflected the message of amphibian conservation out loud. As Kerry Kriger, of SAVE THE FROGS! and Sarbani Nag of WISH Foundation took the stage to discuss frogs in a fun way (there was even a croaking activity that broke the ice), the kids started asking questions and also sharing with others how they had come across different species of frogs right in their backyard.

Dr. Karthikeyan Vasudevan showed them a film based on the mysterious purple frog, endemic to western ghats which intrigued the kids to know more about amphibians.

The orientation session was followed by a short quiz session and it was engaging.

Why should frogs be saved? What are threatening their existence? What can we do in our limited individual capacity to help curb such threatening factors? Can we become a little more responsible? — such were the topics the children were spotted discussing animatedly after the session.

And we were reassured that when they grow up these kids will be responsible citizens. That there's not much to worry as long as such kids, hopefully more in numbers, keep getting sensitized and become the ambassadors of nature conservation.

And for that to happen we, the adults, need to encourage our children to do so. Exactly the reason why WISH Foundation wants to extend a Big Thank You to all the schools and all the parents who send their students and children for the Save The Frogs! World Summit.





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