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Urban Nest Report @Rabindra Sarovar, January 27, 2019

A marathon with an unending stream of runners passing by. A morning salsa class with couples swaying and twisting to jazz beats. Yoga enthusiasts trying to suck in as much fresh air as possible in their deep-breathing exercises. Walkers in pursuit of a a diabetes-free toned body. Young guns kicking off the dust as their team defends the goal post. Karate kids making sure nobody messes up with them in future. Lovers cosying up for a warmth that the city is losing fast. Vendors selling alukabli and the works looking out for a day's sustenance. Bystanders loitering across. Senior citizens of a laughing club ho-hoing out in an attempt to make up for the lack of ha-ha in real life. That's Rabindra Sarobar for you on a Sunday morning.

What is usually thought to be an island of serenity in the midst of the town's tantrums, is actually full of distraction and noise. Yet, we find a wagtail here and a cormorant there. The feathered friends are a delight to watch if one has the patience and the eye to see them.

To add to the crowd, the small bunch of birdwatchers of Urban Nest slowly started walking into the lake area from the gate opposite Menoka Cinema. The sky was a bit overcast, the space heavily populated. We thought we won't find the birds. We were wrong. The birds haven't flown away. They can't, simply because they don't have another place to go. Our city, for that matter most cities, are too concretized for birds to have a freedom of flight. It's unfortunate but true. It might have satisfied a couple of us as we got to spot so many of these avian beauties in one place, but to think of it with empathy, it's a sign that we need to protect and preserve such green islands with even more seriousness. After all, nature has its own way of giving back what humans has to offer her. And the results are not always pleasing.

Despite the human hullabaloo, Sarobar gifted us quite a few spottings between 7am and 9.30am. Here are some that made us return with a smile. Our favourite? The pair of black-naped orioles on top of a green canopy!

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