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Binoculars and beyond

The event 'Binoculars and beyond: bird watching for beginners', happened on 16th of January at Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, Narendrapur, Kolkata. We met enthusiastic participants who happily sacrificed the cozy sleep and joined us. It was a chilly morning out there, probably the coldest day of this winter! The sun still did not touch the ground of CKBS when we gathered there. The birds started chirping on the tree tops. The excitement was bubbling up inside all of us. We got to know about each other in front of the thatched hut inside CKBS. A brief history of the place was told to the participants and the walk started. The key features of bird identification like bird call, colour of body parts of birds and flight pattern were discussed live display of which were there during the trip. We had serious participants with us who were very good spotters too! Kudos to the effort of the whole team! After two and a half hours of walk we got to see 26 species of birds, a juvenile Indian Rat Snake and Evening Brown butterfly camouflaging with the dried leaves on the forest floor. Thanks to the relentless effort of for making the event successful. Our special thanks to ‘ebela’ newspaper for posting our event on 14.01.17 . The happy faces of our participants at the end of the trip gave us a feeling of real contentment.




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