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Our Goals

Increase in the awareness among people about various issues

Our mission

Our mission is to make the next generation aware about the importance of nature and natural resources through research and educational approaches, educational tours and audiovisual presentations, most of which will be made by us in due course of time. Our ultimate objective is to provide green ownership to our gen-next, which means making them knowledgeable and sensitive about nature in such a way that they take up the responsibility to create a nature-friendly human society. This approach will be realised through capacity building and leadership programmes, most of which will encompass educational trips to diverse ecosystems. These trips will be designed to enable the target audience to experience, analyse and thereby understand the enormity of our varied existing ecosystem services of different habitats. We will assist in promoting eco-tourism to offbeat places. This will help to generate livelihood of the local folks. We would like to conduct research programs to generate data and finding solutions pertaining to area specific issues to promote socio –ecological harmony. To involve more common people into this initiative, we intend to launch an open biodiversity portal for sharing data on backyard biodiversity and biodiversity applications in smart phones.

Our strategies

Research and Documentation: Field surveys will be conducted to different ecosystems so as to collect data to understand the socio-ecological balance and factors affecting the harmony at local scale. Emphasis will also be laid on analyzing the data to highlight the patterns and processes in natural and modified ecosystems of the nation. Building data bases of local biodiversity will ensure a long term monitoring and generating strategies to conserve endemic and threatened fauna and flora of the country. Gathering information on the traditional ecological knowledge will ensure that the legacy of local communities living in close association with nature is passed on to the next generation. We will attempt to publish our research work and other studies and communications in periodicals and peer-reviewed journals.

Awareness Generation:

Awareness generation will be augmented through seminars, workshops, audio-visual presentations and other communication formats (print and electronic). Other than these, process documentaries will be shot addressing pros and cons of relationship of human with nature. This will be used in awareness generating programmes and remedy knowledge gaps.

Capacity building & leadership programs:

Children are the future leaders of our nation. To equip them with a green arsenal we will conduct a series of capacity building and leadership programmes. We will nurture young minds with bright and innovative ideas to evolve with nature and teach them the importance of the fact that we as humans have a responsibility towards a sustainable future involving the socio-ecological balance.

Livelihood generation:

Our mission and vision is to empower young nature enthusiasts to generate their daily livelihood. Our unique skill development strategies through knowledge sharing and hands-on training in knowing nature and natural components, eco-friendly agro- farming procedures, nature-friendly waste recycling methods, habitat restoration process through indigenous species recovery programme to native enthusiastic and passionate people will allow them to be self-dependent.

Facilitating eco-tourism:

Assisting entrepreneurs to promote eco-tourism in different places ecological systems and habitats in a way that will ensure a smooth social and ecological bridging between nature and people. A small scale capacity building and ecological awareness programme will be conducted with the tourists along with our expertise on ecology & biodiversity. They will be empowered on discovering nature through lenses with some basic rules of nature photography. Imprinting keen minds with ideas of clean and green nature will be a part of this programme

Launching open biodiversity portal and mobile application:

We will arrange workshops with urban people to equip them with the required information that can help them to realise the importance of backyard biodiversity. We will also assist in procuring the basic knowledge about geographic information system so that the end users can get benefited with location specific updated database and profile of the city. We will be using the latest technology to support and promote environment awareness and conservation.













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